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National Grange News
Free seeds for community groups
  APRIL 2009 --

The National Grange is happy to announce our partnership with the America the Beautiful Fund, which will allow Granges to participate in their seed program. Local Granges can get 100 packets of vegetable, flower or herb packets for free only paying $14.95 for shipping and handling. This program’s main goal is benefitting the community, whether it is teaching local school children about growing a garden or growing a vegetable garden to help the local food bank or to fundraise.

All you need to do is write a short letter describing what you will do with the seeds and fill out the application from America the Beautiful Fund. So far this program has saved more than 800 tons of seeds and 7 million flower bulbs from going to waste in landfills and has grown 1.75 billion pounds of food for the hungry.

To get more information please contact Samantha Johnson at 888-4-GRANGE ext. 109 or e-mail sjohnson@nationalgrange.org.


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