Sunday, October 25, 2020
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April 2020 News from Higganum Grange No. 124

By Richard Prescott

  April 3, 2020 --

The March meeting of Higganum Grange opened in regular form with a quorum plus, on March 6. The Building Committee reported that all taxes have been paid and required building maintenance completed. The Treasurer reported that we have $400 plus, in the checking account, the 990N filing has been received from the State Grange and organization taxes have been paid. Helen Luk, our Lecturer, has written two rough drafts for the Land Trust regarding the blocking of the sales in Connecticut of invasive worms and a second draft report regarding the updating of Connecticut’s recycling program. Helen and Edith Ross will participate in the Higganum Musket Celebration by participating in that day’s triathlon. We are planning on having a Grange information table for this celebration.

The evening’s program was presented by Lindamae Peck. She presented a report regarding her great grandfather, Myron Skinner, who was Higganum Grange’s first Master. She shared photos and newspaper articles from 1945 when he celebrated his 90th birthday, and his obituary when he was 96, in 1952. After the meeting’s adjournment, Helen and Albie’s homemade cookies were shared by all.

All are welcome to join us at any of our meetings at 7:00 P.M. on the first Friday of the month.



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