Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


Around The Grange
May 2020 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane & Paul Miller

  May 10, 2020 --

What a strange world we are living in now.  Who would have thought just a few months ago that we would be socially distant and away from our regular life. Now is the time to devote more time and efforts to our families. School sessions are being held at home. We have conferences for our businesses by zoom and teleconference. Since the Grange has its founding in agriculture we need to support that area of our lives. We need to shop local and support those that have been the backbone of our communities. Farms produce the food that we need. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products and other locally grown products. When the time comes for this to move on to another phase in our lives, we still need to be aware of the need to shop locally. Our Grange hall stands silent in our town waiting for the doors to again be open to meetings, dinners, projects, open houses and events. We began strong new programs earlier in the year and hope to continue. So, many possible programs were on the drawing board. Programs for youth, seniors and the general public. We wish the best to all members and friends. We see the flowers blooming in our yards. We see the trees beginning to get their leaves. We want to see our friends in person and our meetings return. Stay safe and well.



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