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May 2020 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  May 27, 2020 --

June 9: Dad, Ref. Fran & Charlie Cooper

June 21: Annual Strawberry Festival on Father’s Day

June 23: Election of Officers, Ref. Women

As the State of Connecticut will continue to be closed through May 20 (at least for now), we are not printing any of the scheduled dates for May in this issue as it is pretty certain none will be held. Looking into the month of June, we have two meetings and our annual Strawberry Festival scheduled. It’s too early at this point to make any determinations or to anticipate what will happen that far out. I suspect our Grange will have to make some decisions as the Strawberry Festival date gets closer to decide 1) if it will be held and 2) If it is held, in what format will it be held. There are options that include take-out only and pre-ordering but even that will present some serious challenges as members would still have to be in proximity to one other to prepare the take-outs. There are no easy decisions these days other than the decision we all have been forced to make… to stay home. We’ll have more on Grange events, hopefully, for the next issue. Until then… stay safe and stay healthy!


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