Monday, October 19, 2020
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Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


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May 2020 News from Beacon Valley Grange No. 103

By Joanne Cipriano

  May 16, 2020 --

It is with a very heavy heart that we report the passing of David Knapp, a member of our Executive Committee. David was a real spark for our Grange that kept many of us going.

He did a lot of advertising for our activities on social media and was the chief cook at our pancake breakfast. As we sit home due to the virus, we miss him but as we get back to Grange meetings and his chair will be empty it will really set in how much. Rest in peace- David.  Can’t say what our upcoming schedule is at this time. Our bake sale at WalMart, anniversary celebration, meetings and open mic will all be rescheduled when the world gets back to normal. We hope it will be soon.  Until then, stay healthy and wash your hands.


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