Monday, October 18, 2021
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September 2020 News from Taghhanuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  September 6, 2020 --

August turned out to be a very challenging month for Taghhannuck Grange. On August 4th a huge tree fell on our Grange Hall during storm Isaias. It went through the roof into the upper story of the Grange Hall. The inside of the Hall was also damaged as is the front door. Luckily we had the Grange Hall insured and quickly got help from both Perotti Tree Service (Sharon’s tree warden) who brought a crane and crew and got the tree off the roof on Thursday the 7th and Jeff Haydock of Whetstone Builders who was there at the same time with a helper put down 2x4s, plywood and covered the roof with a tarp. A big thank you is due to both of them.

The Town of Sharon, except for a few places such as the Hospital, was out of electric for 7+ days. Most of our members also had no internet and very little phone reception until Mon. the 10th or some even until Tues. the 11th. Only three members attended our regular monthly Zoom meeting on Thurs. the 13th which is understandable.

At this time I want to thank State Master George Russell for his support along with many other Grange members who called or stopped by.  I do not know what I would have done without both Brent Prindle treasurer and building committee chairman who worked tirelessly at the Hall and Debbie Hanlon our secretary who put her cell phone to good advantage talking with the insurance company and taking many pictures of the damage as needed.

September 10: We will again have a regular meeting on Zoom. There is no time frame for being able to use our Grange Hall.

September 24: Harvest Dinner and Awards has been cancelled.


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