Monday, October 18, 2021
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October 2020 News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  OCTOBER 3, 2020 --

Taghhannuck Grange members know we all are a Grange family and your amazing response to our Grange Hall damage confirms that belief.  Thank You to all of the Pomonas, Granges and individual members for your donations, cards and letters.  The money is being put into a separate fund and will be very helpful towards repair of the Hall.  We also want to thank the Connecticut State Grange for their grant to us that will go towards the restoration of our Hall.  Right now we are waiting for the insurance adjuster to submit his appraisal as we want to be sure everything is included and it is going to be post and beam construction as it is now and also waiting on the estimate from our contractor.

At our September 10th meeting, held on Zoom, we had a good discussion on the Resolutions going to State Grange Session.  We always ask for input from our members so their opinions are represented.  As members get more comfortable using Zoom our meetings are growing.

Usually I would be reporting on our participation in the Cornwall Agricultural Fair and all of the places we set up our tent to try to get new members but all of the events were cancelled because of Covid.

October 8: Installation of Officers.  This will be a Zoom meeting and our meetings change over to 7:30PM for our winter hours.  The installation will be for the four members who will be holding new offices for the next two years.  Diane Palmer-Overseer; Bill Palmer- Assistant Steward; Sharon Kroeger- Gatekeeper and Harvey Hayden- Executive Committee.

In addition to this we will be discussing our Dictionary Project for this year and deciding what would take the place of our awards dinner.


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