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Youth News
Youth: 2020 Youth Connections

By Dawn Anstett, CT State Grange Youth Director

  NOVEMBER 5, 2020 --

A year ago, I left State Session having sat with former CT State Grange Youth Directors and began the year with the promise of adding BJ Harrington as part of our committee. With BJ and Jamie Cameron on the committee, I felt we could expand our program. 

Last January I made a call to Sarah Bement, Interpreter Training Program Coordinator at Northwestern Community College.  My intention was to plan a program on Deaf Culture. Having a portion of it introducing our youth to the Sign -a -Song contest along with having information for everyone on what life is like for the deaf person. We had a date and place and then COVID-19, came over us. When this happened, I found there were many offerings that are still available to view, that was offered by the National Grange as part of their Cultivating Connections. I shared their Friday afternoon sessions on Deaf Culture on our Facebook page.

This year’s Northeast Youth Conference was canceled. Many this were virtual this year for youth, including our Public Speaking, Sign-A-Song, and Youth baseball. I reached out to those who competed last year and even though we had no participants this year, I hope those who competed last year will try again next year when we hopefully will have a Youth Conference. 

Before I close, I did participate in National Grange Youth Leadership Fundraiser 20 for 20 and thank CT State Grange Master/President George Russell and Phil Prelli from our State Executive Committee for participation. I also attended meeting discussing Combined Regional Conferences, which I continue to work with a committee of others in the Northeast, led by Christopher Heath, NH State Grange Master/President.


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