Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Taghhannuck Grange November 2020 News

By Barbara Prindle

  NOVEMBER 7, 2020 --

We are hoping to get the Grange Hall repaired before the Snow flies or at least have the roof done.   Again I want to thank the different Pomonas, Granges and individual members for donations as they are still coming in the mail.  We appreciate every one of them as we will probably will need to pay towards the roof repair since the insurance company takes into account the depreciation on the roof among other things.

At our October virtual zoom meeting we started our winter hours and met at 7:30pm with again an increase in members participating.  We discussed Resolutions #5-8 getting opinions to bring to State Session.

The Master installed 3 new officers.  Overseer - Diane Palmer, A. S. - Bill Palmer & Executive Committee 3 years - Harvey Hayden.

Taghhannuck’s Dictionary Project is alive and well in our schools.   On Tues. Oct.13th we will drop off 41 dictionaries to 3rd graders at Kent, Sharon, Warren and Cornwall schools.   At the Sharon Center School,  the teacher suggested we have a scheduled zoom meeting with the students while the teacher hands out the dictionaries.

November 12: We will have a regular meeting virtually on zoom at 7:30 as there is still no time frame for getting back into our Grange Hall.  The program is “Lets be thankful” and we will discuss how we will do our “Cookie Exchange” this year with the Covid restrictions that are in place.


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