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Oxford Grange November 2020 News

By Robert Buck

  October 31, 2020 --

The sixth annual chili cook-off on September 12 was fantastically successful.  We raised our ticket prices some but offered a family price for up to four people.  We served about 60 people in an outdoor socially distanced setting.  Dan Golias and his musical friends provided nice music by which to dine.  there were about a dozen chili entries, plus hotdogs, desserts and drinks.  We also received many donations.  New members Tanya and Ed Carver organized and put together an ad book for our “Save Our Grange” campaign.  All told we made about $1750.  

On October 3, we had a musical program which continued the GOMAD programs carried on by Margie Rosenberg after Raye Hodgson’s departure.  These were shifted to the gazebo behind the Grange to allow for outdoor siting and social distancing.  they were planned to continue as long as climatic conditions allowed.  That music program grossed about $800 in donations.

A Building Committee has been established to take over the old Hall Committee.  This with new members will explore and research updates and improvements needing to be made to the hall and report back to the Grange.  We are in contact (thanks to Ed Carver) with Kathleen O’Neill, the town grant writer, who wants to help us secure the funds to make renovations and needed changes to the building.

The Save Our Grange campaign involves planning and holding  hold four events per year to raise funds for the Grange.  We have analyzed our finances and have a good idea of fixed costs to run the organization, and aim to raise a certain amount in excess of this to allow for improvements to the Grange hall which will allow us to do more for the community in the future.  Judging by the attendance at recent events, the town stands behind us and our efforts.

Nov. 4:  Business Meeting, 7:30 PM

Nov. 18:  Thanksgiving Potluck Supper, 7:00 PM



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