Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Due to State COVID Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


Around The Grange
Dec 2020 News from Oxford Grange No. 194

By Robert Buck

  DECEMBER 1, 2020 --

Dec. 2: Business Meeting, 7:30 PM

Dec. 16: Social Meeting, 7:30 PM

We held our first meeting for November on the 4th, but attendance was poor as COVID ramps up and people are staying away from indoor gatherings. The second meeting which is the traditional Thanksgiving potluck was put on hold due to the ban on food serving at meetings. I fear the December meetings will be postponed, even though dates are listed, due to Governor Lamont’s ban on gatherings of more than 10. Hopefully, we can go virtual and use Zoom technology to remain safe from the virus.  Although we held

the chili cook-off in October and were successful with social distancing and other measures, the December craft fair had to be canceled in November due to uncertainty about the near future. While this puts a hamper on fund raising, it appears we will make it through the winter. The GOMAD music gatherings were

orchestrated by Margie Rosenberg and held outdoors in the gazebo until November 7. By the 14th, daytime temperatures in the forties made it uncomfortable to sit outside, and so it appears that tradition is over for the season. Thank you to Margie for the work on that event.



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