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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: Another Essay Contest Winner

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  January 1, 2021 --


By Susan Masino Simsbury Grange #197

I love the Simsbury Grange because we are all ages, many different walks of life, and all open-minded and dedicated to helping  the  community. I love how it is nonpartisan and nondenominational and offers leadership opportunities and scholarships for young people. I love how 14-year-olds are adults.

Our Grange today benefits from the good reputation and strong community presence build by those that came before us in Simsbury Grange. I love how we are partnering with other incredible community groups and both groups benefit. Among our   members we have thoughtful discussions and everyone is respectful and supportive because we all know we have similar goals and we trust each other to do the right thing and do the best we can. Our Grange is something we can all be proud of and a resource for everyone on the community.


Above is the second place winner in the 2020 Essay Contest. We should all be proud of our Grange and the things that they do.

Winter is here and if the reports I hear are right COVID-19 is still going strong. I hope everyone will be able to hold meetings, either on ZOOM or in person. Either way it is important to keep the name of your Grange in a favorable light in front of your townspeople. While members are shut in why not encourage them to write letters to our military personnel serving in harms’ way. If you get a Thank You note you might want to post it on Facebook and let others know what you are doing. The picture of a box of snacks you are sending would also make a good impression on others.

Take Care! Stay Safe!


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