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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Help Support the 2021 Family Activities Projects

By Dawn Percoski, Family Activities Director

  March 1, 2021 --

As I am writing this article, I am looking out my window and it’s raining and snowing. The weather doesn’t know exactly know which way it is leaning toward. Like it’s on the brink. I hope that it will just clear up and be nice and sunny. Just as I hope that we can all start meeting in person again and get back to normal. With hope and perseverance, we all will be doing so again soon. But we still have a way to go before we get there.

One of the Programs that is assisting others to get thru this unprecedented time is an organization called the Community Renewal Team (CRT). They have many programs to assist our veterans and seniors.

One of the programs is their Elderly Nutrition Program -Meals on Wheels-CT (MOW). In addition to the nearly 2,500 meals per day that CRT is already delivering they have expanded to grab and go meals. They are adding another 40 – 45 new clients to the program each week and CRT Continues to Deliver Meals to Seniors throughout the Pandemic.

This program is who we have chosen to have as our special project for the next 2 years. All of our donations will be directed to this specific program. It will be able to assist them in expanding the ever-growing needs for Seniors and Veterans. As this pandemic makes us all painfully aware of those needs, we all have to do what we can. Please consider asking your Grange to make a generous donation. Thank you and God Bless.



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