Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Around The Grange
June 2021 News from Vernon Grange No. 52

By Irene Percoski

  June 2, 2021 --

June 4:  Getting to know our neighbors

July 2 or 9: Going to Sea

Our May meeting had a visit from all four members of the State Membership Committee who conducted the Program. A good discussion was held on not only how to increase membership but how to revitalize the interest of existing members. Why do some join and some are not interested at all? They suggested a virtual road trip or a town wide scavenger hunt. No clear concise answers were forthcoming, but it certainly provided us with things to think about. Ray Harrington, State Asst. Steward and his wife BJ were there to remind all about the planned book re/ Grange history being worked on by Terri Fassio.

Our Lecturer has suggested several projects for Community service and asked all to please give her some feedback. There are too many to list here but PLEASE contact Cherie and give her your opinions. Also, donations of toothpaste, toilet paper, small cleaning supplies, socks and t-shirts, or grocery gift cards would be greatly appreciated for a local veteran’s group.

We continue to meet via ZOOM and have a very good turn-out. Our next meeting will be on June 4. 2021 and we do love visitors.



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