Friday, May 20, 2022
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July 2021 News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  July 4, 2021 --

At our June Meeting we voted to change our by-laws and have our meetings begin at 7:30PM all year around. The plan is to have a social time with refreshments be-fore the meeting at 7:00PM. July 8th will be our first meeting  at the earlier time. Also, in June the CWA donated to the Granger Trust Fund, Scholarship Fund, Meals-On- Wheels and Camp Berger.

Our Grange Hall was used in a documentary named “Diary of a House” and our treasurer was interviewed about the history of the Ellsworth area where the Hall is located. This will help get our name out into the community.

Master Barbara Prindle and Treasurer Brent Prindle were voted on to be our Delegates to State Session in October. Some members will be going for their 6th degree at that time.

We discussed writing Resolutions  for State Session and a few people are writing ones about their interests. They will be brought to our meeting at 7:30PM on July 8th. Also, at that meeting the State Membership Chairwoman will have the Program about increasing and retaining membership.



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