Thursday, October 21, 2021
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July 2021 News from Riverton Grange No. 169

By Dave Roberts

  July 15, 2021 --

All – Congratulations to everyone who was elected to hold office in Riverton Grange from October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022 and for agreeing to serve. What a surprise to be elected as your  President (Master) for Grange Years 2021-2023. My great grandparents (Carlton and Dora Roberts were Riverton Grange Charter Members, my Grandmother Dorothy Roberts belonged to Riverton Grange most of her life – served as pianist and Gatekeeper -- and recruited me to become a Granger in 1975, my late Dad was a Riverton Grange member most of his life, and now my daughter Natalee is a fifth generation Riverton Grange member! That’s 113 years of Riverton Grange service and history!

What a great team of officers you have elected for the next two years (to serve with me) to build upon our Grange’s solid history and reputation. Eleven of our 16 subordinate Grange incoming officers are new to their office this coming Grange Year. Because of this changeover, Brother Phil Prelli recommended, and I heartily agree, that we should host a training session with State President George Russell and Pomona President Peter Keefe for all the

incoming officers prior to our installation on Friday, October 1, 2021. One suggestion is for our training to be held before our regular September meeting on Friday, Sept. 17 at 5:30 P.M. Please let me know if you can attend this training.

I also want to thank Brother Shawn Weeks who has agreed to Chair our Community Services Committee and serve with Sister Jackie Martin. Attached is my June Community Service Committee re- port so you all can see the extent of planned activities for our Grange (and make plans to participate in many of these events!). I will reach out  to  other  Grange  members  to

serve on other Committees. I am also looking to appoint someone as our subordinate Grange POC for Membership, even though membership is every member’s responsibility to grow our Grange.

Finally, I want to congratulate President (Master) Sue Belle Isle for her dedicated service for multiple terms and her entire team of officers. We look forward to a smooth transition and to continue building a strong Grange presence in our region. Please never hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of service to you.



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