Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Around The Grange
August 2021 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  August 11, 2021 --

Aug. 4: Awards Night

Aug. 14: Annual Grange Fair

Aug. 18: Bystander Awareness

We are having regular meetings in our hall. The program in June was on National Safety Month. We all know of incidences where we should have known what to do but did not act in the right way. There are many risks that we take every day that we can recognize. There are outside risks as well as inside. We all need to take some time each day to review our safety risks.

We were  delighted  to  welcome a new member who moved here from out of state where he was very active. On June 26 we hosted a barbecue fundraiser with an invited band performing outside.

On August 14 we will be holding out annual fair in conjunction with a town wide “Locally Grown Day”. We will continue to work on our exhibit for the Woodstock Fair. The theme will be “What’s in the Stone Building”. We want to try to get the public to know what the Grange is and how they can participate.

The Boy Scouts held their Court of Honor and presented the Grange with a certificate and a hollyhock to plant outside our hall. We planted sunflowers outside our hall as this is the Family Activities theme this year. The crochet, knitting and quilting groups continue to meet. These are held both in the afternoon and in the evenings. Our reusable shopping bags are still being made in the hall.

The book club will be reading “The Hate You Give”.

We hope that we can continue to hold events for the community in order to be able to gain some new members. We have a very nice hall that can be used for many functions. We thank all that are helping to promote the programs.


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