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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: The Legislative Year in Review

By Alma Graham, CT State Grange Legislative Director

  November 1, 2021 --

The Legislative Committee met shortly after State Session to review the resolutions that were presented this session. Due to the Pandemic and having a virtual session, there were only 10 resolutions that were acted on.  The Committee reviewed the Legislative Handbook adding the new resolutions and adjusting as needed to the handbook. Copies were presented to the General Assembly members, Governor, Lt. Governor as well as to the Connecticut Granges.

The Capitol remained in lockdown for the entire 2021 Legislative Session. The General Assembly was called into session but the only ones who could enter the Legislative Office Building or the Capitol were the Assembly members and staff. Bills were presented as usual, but all of the public hearings were done virtually. The members attended the sessions and voted virtually from their offices. We did follow a few bills but did not submit any testimony on any of the bills. The Governor still continues running much of the state activities via his emergency powers.

National Grange did hold the Legislative Fly-In this year, but in virtual format. There were three attendees that I was aware of from Connecticut. the Fly-In actually had a larger attendance than normal using this virtual format. The downfall was we were not able to personally visit our House or Senate members.

There were a couple of bills passed by the Connecticut General Assembly this last year that we all should be aware of. Now all passengers in vehicles must wear their seatbelts, not just the front seat passengers. There also is a new pedestrian law that allows anyone who wishes to cross any street to just hold out their hand, then the vehicles must stop to let them cross. Please be cautious while driving until we are used to this new law.

Gordon Gibson has stepped back from his involvement with the Working Lands Alliance and is now an honorary member of that group, but we are still partnering with this lobbying organization.

Thanks to everyone who submitted resolutions. This is how we as Grange members can express our opinions and priorities to our legislators.



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