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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Updates on 2022 Programs

By Dawn Percoski, Family Activities Director

  January 3, 2022 --

I just wanted to wish you all Happy New Year! What a year we had. While many are starting to meet back in person, I hope you take the time to contact members who have not been able to come to your Grange meeting. It’s hard to get out during the winter months. So please check on those you have not heard from. Consider making a list of members and then divvy them up among yourselves. Agree to send them a small note or card. It’s always nice to receive Snail mail and it is an easy way to stay in contact. It can really make the difference to include them with updates on current events. Let them know what the new contests are as many still don’t have computer access. Ask them if they could make your meetings via the telephone.  Some may not know it is available.

I have sent out all the information packets to the Chairman and there is also the CT State website for those who are computer savvy. All forms and patters can be downloaded. If you have not received your packet, please send a note to the CWA email.   The New England Needlework Contest has made some significant changes. We heard you and listened! The new form is also online. Also included in the packets are several new patterns. There are new baby hats and blankets for the preemie babies in NCIUs. You can also go to the website and download the scrubbies pattern. They are always in need of them at the Grange Building. I look forward to seeing all that you are making.  See you next month!




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