Wednesday, December 07, 2022
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National Grange Lecturer - Visits - Connecticut State Grange

By Dave Roberts

  APRIL 24, 2022 --

Based on the success of Connecticut State Grange’s first gathering of Lecturers at the Community and Pomona levels, Connecticut State Grange Lecturer Dave Roberts virtually hosted a second “round up” on Saturday, March 19, with over 30 attendees.  The idea to host “round ups” is based on the thought of gathering like-minded individuals where they can come together in a safe environment to share ideas and learn from each other, while having some fun too.


This second roundup built upon lessons learned at their first event.  One lesson learned from the pandemic is that speakers from around the nation can virtually visit and share updates.  For this event, Connecticut State Grange invited National Grange Lecturer Ann Bercher to virtually attend our Roundup and shared her ideas on the roles and responsibilities of all Lecturers/Program Directors.  Lecturer Ann complimented the attendees on the many success stories she has heard about local Grange activities around the State of Connecticut from State Lecturer Dave.  It was great for all attendees to hear personally from this new National Grange Officer.  I encourage my fellow State Grange Lecturers to consider inviting National Officers, such as our National Lecturer, so that Community and Pomona Lecturers can “meet” these national officers and feel connected around the nation.


For more information, please contact Connecticut State Grange Lecturer Dave Roberts at dave@daveroberts.org or 858-775-9241.


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