Tuesday, October 03, 2023
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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: Resolutions needed for Session

By Alma Graham, CT State Grange Legislative Director

  August 1, 2022 --

As summer is winding down, we must start thinking of the upcoming State Grange Session. Have you started working on topics that you would like to submit as a resolution to the State Grange? Are you noticing problems with your area infrastructure? Maybe something with the funding of projects in your area. Do you have an idea that might draw attention to a safety issue you have noticed? Is there something in the Grange procedures that you feel need to be addressed. Now is the time to address these topics and submit a resolution to bring attention to the issue.

We ask that all resolutions be submitted by September 15th to the State Secretary to allow time for them to be incorporated into the session’s booklet. Resolutions that are submitted by that date allow us to print them in the Granger for all to review prior to the session. This offers an opportunity for your Grange members to review and express their support or rejection of the topics to your delegates before the State Session.

If you have a resolution that you wish to submit after that date, submit it to the State Secretary any- way. It may not be printed in the session’s booklet, but it still can be brought up before the delegates. This is not ideal, and I encourage you to submit them by September 15th. Please note that if the resolution addresses a change to the by-laws it MUST be submitted to the State Grange by the September 15th deadline.

We encourage that all resolutions be passed from the local Granges to the Pomona Granges for their action before submitting them to the State Grange. All resolutions must be presented by a Grange, either Community or Pomona. They cannot  be  submitted  by  an  individual without being adopted by a Grange.

I look forward to seeing the resolution topics and some lively discussions of the resolutions at the State Session.


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