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Aug 2022 News from Greenfield Hill Grange No. 133

By Jim and Lori Golias

  August 24, 2022 --

Important SAVE the DATES!

Aug. 27: Greenfield Hill Grange Agricultural Fair


Sept. 24: Pumpkins, Mums, Bulbs and Bake Sale.  All Local products (the bulbs are from Holland, though) On May 12, 2022, Nancy Olson and Bill went to the VA Hospital in West Haven and dropped off books, puzzles, magazines, socks, toiletries, shavers and snacks.

They were of course most grateful to us for the contributions. The puzzles couldn’t have come at a better time.

We are thankful for our VETS and continue to collect snacks and necessities for these men and women at the West Haven VA Hospital.

A look back: We are grateful to see Covid numbers diminishing and are even more grateful to be able to gather with our friends at the Grange again.

On May 7th, we held a Flea Market and Tag Sale. On May 14th, we had our Pollinator Pathway Luncheon (originally scheduled for 2020) It was a huge success. We will have to do another! On May 21st, we had a grounds clean-up. The Boy Scouts and their parents helped clean up the back of the property. Grange member Steve Golias, Nancy Olson Marjorie Tallman and Jim Golias and members of Troop 90 all helped spruce up the grounds .Thank you and God bless. In June we hosted a Chicken Marsala Dinner! Kudos to the chefs and volunteers.

As summer rolls on, we hope your harvest is plentiful and that you remain healthy and safe. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT OUR AGRICULTURAL FAIR ON AUGUST 27!

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