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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: Itís Election Season . . . Again!

By Alma Graham, CT State Grange Legislative Director

  September 4, 2022 --

Election season is upon us with political ads already appearing on the media channels. In Connecticut we started with a very active primary election. We had two major State positions,  Secretary of State and Treasurer, with no incumbent candidates and multiple of candidates who qualified to petition for a primary for those positions. There were also some local district primary candidates vying for different positions.

This November we will be electing/re-electing all the major state positions including the Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Comptroller and all the State House and Senate members. The Congressional members in all five districts are also up for election.   This year we

up for election. Federal Senators are elected for  6-year  terms, and they represent the entire state, not just a district. This year Senator Lieberman’s seat is up for election/ re-election.

This is a good time to communicate with your local candidates and learn what their positions are. Some Granges have set up “Meet the Candidates” nights and invited the public in to listen and question the candidates’ as to their positions and priorities. Education is our greatest asset when determining who would be best to manage and operate our State and communities.

Remember that the political ads you see are not always the whole story and the ads are slanted to the position of the candidate that they are promoting. Also, remember that the Grange is a NON-PARTISION, NON-POLITICAL organization as we DO NOT ENDORSE ANY CANDIDATE OR PARTY.



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