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November News from Beacon Valley Grange No. 103

By Joanne Cipriano

  November 8, 2022 --

This past weekend was a busy one. Saturday we held our monthly tag sale. We don’t get rich on these sales but it does help.

Friday was our October meeting. This Master went home with a smile on her face. It was the first meeting of another Grange year. The weather man co-operated and it was a beautiful night for traveling. Roll call found all officers present. It was the first program of our new theme “The flower of the Month”. This month being Cosmos. Carol Brook, a Granger for some time presented her first program ever. Her game Pin the pedal on the flower was fun. Marie Sousa was in charge of refreshments and had pizza. The pizza was about a help an hour late but as good Grangers don’t waste time we eat our dessert while we waited– chocolate cake. Both were delicious. Country store was bountiful and I even won.

There is always a hitch – ours is how do we pay for a new roof. We are in the process of getting quotes. The presently one has been in place for about 35 years. Any suggestions?

Our next meeting is November 11 – the program “Chrysanthemums’” in charge of Pat Fischer – refreshment in charge of Joanne Cipriano.

We are putting together a raffle to be drawn at our December tag sale on the 17th – Prize donations would be appreciated. At our November sale on the 19th and in December we will also have a bake sale.


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