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Around The Grange
December 2022 Musings from Winchester Grange

By Todd Gelineau

  DECEMBER 29, 2022 --

Jan. 10: Winter Wonderland, Ref. Rae Fassio & Sue Kline

Jan. 24: Howl at the Moon, Ref. Last Names A-D

Feb. 14: Hearts & Flowers (Country Store), Mary Lou & Peter Keefe

Feb. 28: President Who? (Potluck 6 P.M.), All Members

Winchester Grange held one meeting in December (13th) for our Christmas program and meeting with Gift Exchange.

With the  possibility  of  having a winter storage rental for the garage of the hall, we are working on obtaining a large dumpster to begin cleaning out the unwanted materials that have  accumulated in the Grange hall and create space for rentals. Rental  income  from the State Grange, Post Office, and now with winter storage are all great ways to get the hall working for the Grange... instead of our membership working to the bone to support the Grange Hall.

We are looking toward holding public events at the hall beginning in the late winter/spring. Watch this space for details and remember to check our meeting schedule. We would love to have you visit either in-person or on Zoom. Email: Secretary@CTStateGrange.org for details.


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