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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: The Work Ahead

By Noel Miller, Legislative Director

  January 1, 2023 --

With the elections behind us, now is the time for our politicians to work together and get much needed legislation done. The 2023 Farm Bill needs to be created with language and  money  allocated for American Dairy Farmers so that production costs are included into the equation for Milk Market Pricing. This is necessary for large and small, cooperative and family farms to get a price for their milk they can survive on. Is it fair to ask our dairy farmers to be paid $1.50 per gallon of milk when it costs them $1.75 per gallon.  Regulations need to be reviewed so that equal parity is given for our faithful farmers to get a livable income.  The farmers feed the world.

Haters begotten hate.  Our nation is becoming a nation of hate. Some of our politicians are leading the call for a civil war in our nation. I am a history buff, and after the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol, and January 6th hearings show that someone has to be held accountable for the actions of that day. Many say January 6 was a 1776 moment, and they should be called Patriots, but Patriots fought for democracy, while the Tories fought to  keep the present system of King and Country. Therefore, Patriots should be for the members that fought off the attackers and Tories for the rioters wanting to  keep  the  King in charge. Remember, the Tories returned to England  or  escaped to Canada afore the forming of the United States of America.

Politicians tell us about their version of History, where a Senator stated the Declaration of Independence stated that all men are created equal. We know that black men were not equal, and even Abigail Adams implored John Adams to remember the women who help supply, feed, and equip the Continental  Army  during  the Revolutionary  War,  yet  they  were left out too.   Others have called for the Constitution to be overruled.  It is  needed  when  it  serves  you,  but unnecessary  when  it  opposes  you. This is not the America I was raised up and taught to love. So, let’s all get back on the same side of democracy. The Grange was founded after the Civil War to bring an organization for  farmers,  for  educational,  social and   legislation.  We are called Brothers  and  Sisters  because  we treat everyone as family.   “We ask none to join us who cannot see good in  their  fellow  beings,  but  to  all interested in agriculture, who have generous hearts and open hands to help the needy, raise the fallen and aid in making the labors of this life cheerful. We say, ‘Welcome to the Grange.”

In Connecticut we had a Special Session to extend the gas tax relief program to the end of 2022. We also added a mileage tax for diesel trucks of 10 cents per mile. This cost surely will be passed on to the consumer.

At the National level, we need to investigate the purchase of farmland by foreign countries. Farmland is being bought by Canada and China. Some farms near military bases are being purchased by Chinese owners. Is this wise with the risk to national security? Red flags are raised and flashing a code.  NOOO!!

Our new year’s resolution should be for all to a little nicer to our fellow Americans. Watch out for scammers, they are working overtime to rip you off.

Happy New Years!



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