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Jan 2023 News from Vernon Grange No. 52

By Irene Percoski

  JANUARY 3, 2023 --

Jan. 6: No Meeting

Jan. 13: Seed Catalogs

Feb.   2: Exchange   Program   - Vernon at Coventry

Feb.   3: Exchange   Program   - Coventry at Vernon

Mar. 3: Pass the Buck

The November meeting was all about stress and suggestions on how to reduce it. We learned about the six components of Yoga and all members joined in doing some Yoga chair exercises. We also practiced different ways to meditate. Stress is also released with laughter, as Yogi Jokes (or groaners) were read by members. After the meeting everyone pitched in to fill 19 packages of all the collected items and a gift card which were to be distributed to the veterans at Phelps Village in Rockville. When all was nicely wrapped and tied with a bow we held our Yankee Christmas gift swap. I do believe the rules for the swap need to be a bit clearer. There was a little confusion. A last bit of laughter was a reading on the Night Before Christmas entitled “Some Assembly Required.” We were all pleased to see Gordon via Zoom and a visit by Deputy Ted Beebe. All those present were encouraged to send Christmas cards to brothers and sisters, who cannot, for one reason or another, attend meetings. It’s important in these times to stay in touch with each other. We hope everyone had a safe, sensible New Year.



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