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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: The Top Six Grange Values

By Noel Miller, Legislative Director

  MARCH 1, 2023 --

When I was State President, the Board of Directors reviewed the first five degrees and came up with the top six values of the Grange: Honesty, Sense of Community, Charity, Integrity, Friendship and Citizenship.

We feel that these values in our members is the foundation to a Great Grange. We have strived to live up to these values in all works. Our country is adrift and many have lost their way, as in the First Degree “The promise of progress and improvement are delusive. The road you have traveled is familiar and easy, but the one you are now entering is full of obstacles, rough and uneven, environed with dangers, and leads, you not where.” “My friends, the person who has been speaking to you is that worst of enemies to progress- Ignorance, attended by his companions, Sloth and Superstition. Give them no heed if you hope to advance”. This to me is the question for all politicians, are you here for the Country or for yourself? Because the time we are in is for the Country and the World. We are the leaders of the world and if you can’t see the value of who we are then you are not part of “ Team America”.

We have heard that Socialism is bad!. Yet after the Crash of 1929 Republican President Herbert Hoover said that the wealthier business owners will rebuild the economy and no government intervention  was  needed.   The country sunk deeper into the Depression and in 1932 Democrat Franklin Roosevelt became President and the “New Deal” was released with CCC, WPA, Social Security, Medicare and Federal Assistance bringing this country back out of the depression, with new roads, Hoover Dam, TVA, many towns received sewers and public water, railroads, bridges and roads.

It proved that the Federal Government investments into infrastructure bring prosperity. We have seen this again with the end of the 2020 Pandemic, giving money to programs and citizens, they reinvested that money to goods and purchases bringing down the inflation caused by the shutdown of the world. Big Business with their wealth invested with layoffs, downsizing and stock buybacks, helping no one but themselves.

Republicans are spreading the word of sunsetting Social Security and Medicare to save the program for the future. If our Legislators repaid the accounts of Social Security and Medicare after each time they skimmed off money from these account to keep the Government running, we wouldn’t have this problem. We all know robbing Peter to pay Paul is not good business. There is talk of a 30% federal sales tax.  So if you spend

$100.00 for food add $30.00 for the Feds. Gas 30%, Clothes 30%, Home 30% etc. looks like we lose. Don’t forget you still have to pay state sales tax and state income tax, more out of your pocket? Here’s an idea.  let’s hire those 87,000 IRS workers to replace retiring workers and boost the workers to go after those who are not paying their fair share of taxes. GO TEAM AMERICA!

Lastly the Iowa State Legislators are working on a labor bill that will allow 14-17year old’s to work in slaughter houses, logging and mines, under vocational education programs.  Was it 3 months ago a slaughter house was fined for having 14 year olds washing down kill floors, and exposing them to harsh chemicals and dangerous equipment. So this new bill will allow your youngster to work in these hazardous places and the companies will be exempt from illness, workman’s compensation, and death benefits liabilities. Mind blower. Oh yeah, the bill will allow 14-17 year olds to serve alcohol too. Hey, let’s all go back to the 19th century.

At the State of The Union Republican rebuttal Sarah Huckebee Sanders finished with “we must separate the Normal from the Crazies.” Please use the Value list from the top to determine what side of Team America want to be on.



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