Thursday, October 28, 2021
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In Memoriam
In Memoriam - February 2007
  FEBRUARY 2007 --

We remember those in our Grange communities who have recently passed away.

Nancy Bates -- Cheshire
Kristian Larsen -- Cheshire
Ila Roberts -- Cawasa
Emily Moore -- Totoket
Muriel Thibault -- Totoket
Leah T. Gray, G.S. -- Ekonk
Woodrow W. Remington, G.S. -- Ekonk
Ernet Weeks -- Echo
Mildred Hall -- Echo
Doris Bunnell, G.S. -- Hemlock
Ruth Coats Clark, G.S. -- N. Stonington
Gladys Walter, G.S. -- N. Stonington
Albert Markey, G.S. -- Beacon Valley
Elwin Bradway, G.S. -- Stafford
Ruth AmEnde, G.S. -- Vernon
Virginia Jespersen -- Riverton
Charles F. Buell -- Ashford
Helen Carroll, G.S. -- Trumbull
Irene Weldon -- Simsbury



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