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Subordinate Granges by Number

The Subordinate Grange is the "Local" Grange. This unit of the organization is built around the community. Men, women and youth are admitted on equal terms. Those who are a minimum of 14 years of age are eligible for full membership. Each member has one vote. The local Grange elects its own officers and controls its own affairs in community matters. It confers the first four ritualistic Degrees. Although regular business Grange meetings are for members only, the educational and literary programs are frequently open to the public, as are the numerous community activities the local Granges provide. All Grange activities are for the purpose of developing leadership, improving community life, and expanding opportunities for all people.

Approximately 140,000 people are members of the Grange in 2,100 communities nationwide. In the State of Connecticut, there are nearly 40 communites with a Subordinate Grange.

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