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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: State Grange Website Resources

By Terri Fassio, CT State Public Relations Co-Director

  September 1, 2019 --

We’ve recently had a couple of inquiries regarding the CT State Grange website and its offerings. Even though we had an article about this very subject back in March, it never hurts to once again mention the many resources available.

• Did You Know... that past issues of the Connecticut Granger are available in digital form online? Issues are made available for download as PDF files on the CT Granger section of the CT State Grange Website (www.ctstategrange.org/grangerdownloads.asp ) a month or so after the current issue has been mailed. This service has been offered since 2008, and now includes older archival issues as well, dating back to the very first issue of the CT Granger!

• Did You Know... that all articles from the CT Granger are uploaded each month to the CT State Grange website? They upload dates of the articles are scattered over the course of the month so that there is always something new loading each day.

• Did You Know... that past Master’s Addresses are available on the CT State Grange website? Complete versions of past Master’s Address are available dating back to 1998 by following this link www.ctstategrange.org/MastersAddress.asp , and then selecting the year from the dropdown box.

• Did You Know... that Resolutions and their results as acted upon at the CT State Grange Annual Session are available online, dating back to 2003? Follow this link www.ctstategrange.org/Resolutions.asp , and then select the year from the dropdown menu.

• Did You Know... that the CT State Grange website has a list of all the Past State Masters/Presidents, with photos of all but three, dating back to Harvey Goddard, the first Master of the CT State Grange in 1875? Visit www.ctstategrange.org/paststatemasters.asp#  to view the list - and each photo is clickable to a larger image too!

• Did You Know... that all of the Lecturer’s Department newsletters dating back to 2009 are available for download as PDF files on the Lecturer’s section of the CT State Grange Website (www.ctstategrange.org/LecturersTips.asp )? This newsletter is a great resource for Granges in planning programs for the meetings.

• Did You Know... that there are many forms, flyers, promotional materials, booklets, resources and more available as digital downloads from the Downloads page on the CT State Grange Website? From the latest Executive Committee Form to Blue Books, Journals of Proceedings and Legislative Handbooks, promotional posters and much, much more are all available for download. Visit this link - www.ctstategrange.org/downloads.asp  - then select a category from the drop down menu to view all of the different sections of downloads available.

These are just a few of the many resources available - and we are frequently adding new resources to the list. E-mail us at information@ctstategrange.org  or publicrelations@ctstategrange.org  for more information.



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