Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Bethlehem Grange #121
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Presidentís Message: Affordable Connectivity Program
  JUNE 1, 2023 --

As you may know, National Grange President Betsy Huber has been appointed to the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee by the former FCC Chair Ajit Pai. As a result of this involvement, National Grange applied for a $1M FCC grant and was awarded $420,000 to advocate the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP will give internet service at reduced cost or possibly free to those having income at or below 200% of the poverty level. The National Grange has partnered with the Oregon Institute for a Better Way and Community System Navigators to put this ACP program out to the public. These are both 501(c)3. The former, under leader and Oregon Granger Misty Burris helps to take projects from concept to action while the latter serves as a network to reach the public in order to promote a project such as ACP and then collect feedback information to satisfy government requirements for the supporting grant funding the project. The ACP is a two year program. My hope is to promote this through the Grange involvement in the Eastern States Exposition and possibly through our Subordinate Grange Fairs. Any Grange or Grange Fair may sign up to be involved in this promotion on the website acprc.org. Misty Burris may be contacted at 541-530-3618 if you have questions. You may also call Amanda Brozana-Rios at 301-943-1090. Navigators (individual people) would be coming out to these events to set up an information table and pass out handouts on how to enroll in ACP.

I often hear the sentiment “What does the National Grange do for us?” There are plenty of resources out there from the e-newsletter Patron’s Chain and the quarterly magazine Good Day!. I encourage you all to subscribe to these. The former is free and the latter quite reasonable for such a professionally produced publication. Also take advantage of the monthly Zoom meetings from different departments: Youth and Junior Jibber Jabber, communications topics webinars by Communications Director Phil Vonada, and Membership Matters with Membership/Leadership Director Amanda Brozana-Rios. Links are found at www.nationalgrange.org , as well as a host of other resources and information.

I would also like to share a concern from Communications Co-Director Terri Fassio, please do not ask her to make up publicity materials at the last minute as several have done. Try to plan your events in advance so you can give her adequate time to prepare materials and get them out to you. In addition to Grange publicity and website work, as well as the upcoming Grange book, she has a full-time job and health issues with which to deal. She always does her best to serve you all so be considerate.

The Grange now has an alcohol policy of which we have all been informed recently. As you will note, there is a procedure to be followed for your protection and to protect the State Grange. This had to be done in the way it was because all the Grange charters fall under the umbrella of the Connecticut State Grange. The issue of alcohol use in our halls is a serious one with serious implications for increased liability and proper procedures MUST be followed to protect us all. Read and understand this document. The policy is in place and now the resolution adopting that policy into our by-laws goes to the next Annual Session of the State Grange for consideration and adoption by the delegates.

I know that several Granges are in distress and have reached out to the Membership Committee. Robin Hettrick of Wallingford Grange #33 has agreed to join this committee along with Elizabeth Jensen, Barbara Prindle and Chairperson Shelley Cameron. I trust the capable folks on the committee to offer suggestions to aid you in your membership development quest. This should be a very busy committee and as there is more work than can be done by four, I would encourage anyone wanting to get involved to contact me.

On May 13, Susan Masino asked me to represent the Connecticut State Grange at the Eagle Scout Court of Honor as David and Susan’s son Jack Galt (Granger since 2014) was awarded the highest honor in Scouting along with three other young men and one young lady. It was very impressive listening to the projects done by Jack and these other young folk. Jack’s project created an outdoor space for concerts and public events at Simsbury Grange, a great addition to their property and sure to help them serve their community. If your Grange has a Scout Troop nearby, consider contacting them to see if an Eagle candidate might do a project at your hall.

With summer coming, I hope your Grange is busy with projects, fundraisers, and fun events. Think “outside the box” and invite the public into your halls for informational or recreational events of your choosing. Do things that make the public want to join you and talk up your Grange. Ask people to join; don’t just hand out applications.



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