Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Robert Buck
115 N. Georges Hill Rd.,
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Phone: 203-267-6796

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Presidentís Message: Heirloom Project
  July 2, 2024 --

The Heirloom Program quote for July is from the Second Degree where Ceres says “Changes and transformations are constantly passing before us,” to which I would add “The changing seasons of the year bring you to a new experience in your Grange journey” said by the Steward in the same degree.

These are good maxims, but they bring me back to my birding trip to Monhegan Island, Maine a few weeks ago in late May. The coastal winds aid the birds in their movement. The purpose of the trip was to observe birds in their annual south to north migration, a natural process like the changes and transformations referred to in the degree which also applies to our lives. The whole trip was a new experience for me. I was part of a group of twelve plus our two tour guides, only two of the 14 whom I knew previously.

This brings me to the Speak Like a Champ idea for the month from our National Grange President Hamp which relates to making good first impressions on new people. I must say we were a friendly group and all got along because of our shared interest in nature. We were all close for shared meals, and numerous bird walks, and nice shared conversations about our lives.  The thing that impressed me most about the trip

to and from the island, and five days spent on Monhegan was the trust and openness among people. Nothing was kept under lock and key on the ferry or while staying on he island. Hotel rooms were left unlocked and this is how it’s done on the island. Trust among people - imagine…How life should be. This is how the Grange can and should be.

Of national interest, a new Farm Bill has passed the House Agricultural Committee but will not reach the House floor for a full vote until September.  No action is scheduled yet with the Senate Agricultural Committee. The Farm Bill is of utmost importance as it affects Commodity and dairy prices, conservation programs, nutrition programs, credit and loan programs, rural development provisions, and a miscellaneous category.

The FDA has issued new rule to prevent agricultural water from contaminating produce with pathogens. The Department of Health and Human Services is ordering production of bird flu vaccines even though the threat is low. National Grange encourages the FDA and CDC to make COVID vaccines available by early September.  They also support S.2085 to direct Medicare to cover early cancer screening to lower the rural vs. urban disparities in this area. Lobbying for coverage of obesity medications and removing restrictions on diabetic blood sugar monitoring devices is also high on the agenda.

National Granges still supports coverage of the Affordable Connectivity Program even though this is not deemed urgent by the federal government. Immigration has jumped to the top of the list of voter concerns. We all have feeling on this even though we know the two major parties look at it quite differently.

There is a Grange Satisfaction Survey put out by National Grange which I would encourage you all to look up and complete.

The Big E will be coming up and we would like volunteers to staff the Connecticut Room. June 30 is the clean-up and pricing of goods day to be held in the Grange Building. Keep up production of sales items for the fair. We appreciate all the hard work of our craft people!

Maggie and I just returned from a roast beef dinner at Bridgewater Grange #153 and were well fed and entertained by an open mic program there. Last night, we were feted and fed at the 135th Anniversary of Beacon Valley Grange #103 and had an enjoyable time seeing the awards presentation and participating in the fun program. Hank had a ball.

I am once again looking over the Sixth Degree ritual. Amazing how quickly it comes back to me, and I do enjoy this part of our organization so much. Get out, visit and socialize, and listen for the meaning in the ritual of the Grange and how it applies to your life.



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